Personal Backyard Farming

Wilson Home Farms works backyards into productive food producing properties. We install vegetable gardens and fruit orchards, cold frames and compost bins and much more.

Our goal is to make gardening easy for everyone. For people with black thumbs, we can fully maintain your vegetable garden. For people with green thumbs, we can install irrigations systems that reduce your labor time and make gardening more enjoyable.

Fall in the Gardens

Fall is garden installation time for Wilson Home Farms. By establishing your garden in the fall you can start growing on that first spring day. You know that first spring day right? The day that, after the holidays pass you fantisize about all winter? Wilson Home Farms is an expanding company, and by installing your garden in the fall you guarantee that you will not be waiting in the spring to have your garden started.

While the leaves are falling, it is the perfect time to start a home composting system. Leaves, the essential ingredient to compost, are only readily available for a short time each year.