Wilson Home Farms

A Personalized Mobile Farming Company

Wilson's Home Farms is a Personalized Farming Start-up

Wilson's Home Farms is a personal farming start-up.

We install farm plots at your home, office, or restaurant and you choose what you want to have grown for you.

We work with each of our clients at the beginning of the season to determine what fruits and vegetables they want and at what quantities. Over the season Wilson's Home Farms makes frequent visits to your home farm to plant seeds and transplants, weed, and check on our irrigation systems.

When each vegetable is ready to be harvested you get to harvest your home grown vegetables fresh.

Close to Home

CSAs, Farmer's Markets, and Co-ops are all good options for getting local food. Each option has its advantages each has its disadvantages.

Wilson's Home Farms has worked to eliminate the pain points of choice, variety, price and quantity in local agriculture. Each client chooses the vegetables they want to have grown and can specify favorite varieties.

With each vegetable a quantity is figured in as well. For example a couple may consume two pounds of salad a week; a young family may consume 5 pounds. Wilson's Home Farms goal is to provide each customer with exactly what they want to consume.